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Have you been thinking about, no, dreaming of becoming a published author?

Do you have an idea to share or a story to tell that you believe belongs on a  bookshelf somewhere?
     Pushpin Press is a reliable source to help you bring your manuscript to life. We can guide you through the self-publishing process from A to Z. We guarantee the most professionally produced book and/or ebook with your name on it that will make you proud of your accomplishment as a published author.

We can design and produce the most professional looking book that will rival any traditional publishing house's standards. Special care is taken for cover and interior design. We source the most cost-effective vendors to produce your book including meticulous layout/design and printing quality.

Book Planning


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We will help you develop a marketing plan, starting with a powerful book launch followed by an online and offline presence to increase your book sales.

We will carefully walk you through the entire book publishing process or from wherever your book publishing journey needs to begin. You'll come away with an education as to how a book becomes a living, breathing thing or how it lands as an ebook on the Internet. You'll having an understanding of the various paths your book can take from its inception down through production.

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Full-Service Book Planning

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  • Cover Design
  • Interior Design
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